Jeff crafted his first short story whilst at school and was hooked.
Initially choosing a non-literary career, he still wrote hundreds of reports for various audiences, had articles published by magazines and penned papers commissioned by Government-funded organisations. As a manager or consultant he led teams, facilitated change and coached people throughout the UK, Middle East, Far East, US and Europe.
In parallel, he continued composing short stories and sings for pleasure and commenced a novel, but found scant time to complete it. In April 2009 Jeff elected to follow his passion and has been practicing, training and fulltime researching and writing novels ever since.
His long held fervour to write spy thrillers is grounded on extensive research and germinated by original ideas and providential encounters with British military counter-terrorism surveillance managers, Middle East military communications engineers, senior CIA security officers and a crewmember of Air Force One.


Jeff now lives in the UK, having spent five years in Brussels, and has travelled extensively to Europe, Russia, Africa, India, and the US, Far East, Middle East and South Pacific.

He is fascinated by different cultures, attitudes and values, as well as people’s propensity to spiritedly suffer when baby steps or a fresh perspective might lead them to blossom personally or make a difference to the world.
Jeff describes himself as a passionate, energetic and dedicated writer, a lover of vegetarian cuisine, quirky conversation and ashtanga yoga, and an enthusiastic guitarist.