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Storm Shadow

Jeff is currently completing a final edit of Storm Shadow


The Allies have withdrawn from Iraq, leaving a local government and limited police force to maintain order. Rumours abound of the return of members of Al-Amn al-Khas, the Iraqi Secret Security Organisation, and links with Al Qaeda.


MI6 field agent Nikki Steel is struggling to come to terms with the loss of the man she loved to what they called collateral damage. Then, six months after his death, her Christmas celebrations are brutally interrupted by an assassination attempt, two cold and clinical murders and conflicting new intelligence, which again suggests Iraq may have facilities for weapons of mass destruction. But do they?


The PM needs answers fast and Nikki is thrown into a deadly assignment, which takes her from London to Washington to Baghdad in search of facts amongst the intrigue and innuendo. As she is drawn deeper into the web of deceit, she finds only false leads and treachery, which threaten to undermine the mission and force her to question the circumstances of her lover’s death. She finally comes face to face with the man behind the corruption, blackmail and murder, but he has the upper hand and pushes Nikki to her limits.


Can she get to the truth in time? Will the UN sanction the bombing of Baghdad? Can Nikki save a school from becoming another example of collateral damage? The race against time begins on Boxing Day afternoon when the world should be at peace...

The first of the series of Nikki Steel MI6 Assignments

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