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Wall of Terror

Jeff has completed a first draft of Wall of Terror


MI6 field agent, Nikki Steel, is nearing the end of her maternity leave, when a stranger approaches her on Hampstead Heath and pleads for help, MI6 receive intel that a splinter group from the ‘Ndrangheta mafia gang in Calabria, Italy, are smuggling weapons grade plutonium to Somalia and an al Qaeda cell in Marseille plots an imminent and immense victory.

 Nikki is immediately recalled to active service and must assess the al Qaeda threat, while her colleague, Daniel Woodbridge, is assigned to a Tiger Team to investigate the potential nuclear risk.


Both trails eventually lead to Jemal Akhtar, but what is he plotting. Will Nikki and Daniel put the pieces together in time to prevent the most outrageous act of terrorism the world will ever see?

The third of the series of Nikki Steel MI6 Assignments

(mock up of cover design)