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Jeff has completed the first draft of Watchers

One astronomer goes mad and tries to kill his brother. Another commits suicide. Three more, high in the Atacama Desert, argue over what to do as they begin to lose their faith, their minds and their lives.
What would governments, religious organisations and the mafia do, if we weren’t alone, if a presence were felt? What lengths would they go to? What would they tell us?
And what exactly would the presence do?
MI6 field agent, Nikki Steel, must save a renegade American scientist and find answers to age-old questions. She uncovers more than she expects and her loyalty is pushed to the limit as she's thrown into a race to open the secrets of existence. But she's not alone; every agency under the sun as well as some shadowy organsiations want a piece, too.
Who will win the race and what will they find when the watchers contact the watcher?


The second in the series of NIkki Steel MI6 Assignments

(mock up of cover design)